Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Low-Key like Low-Key

I think there's something to be said for living the way I'm living right now, which is, specifically: rent-free, in a borrowed room filled with a painter's detritus and my own sprawling mess of belongings (which I am trying, actively, to pare down at this point before I leave the city, but sometimes I see books or movies and I just can't help myself and so they get added to my backpack or added to the box), stealing wireless Internet where and when I can, waking up early for work, getting home before noon from that same job (coffee shop where I got winked at just today) napping a bit, and then spending the afternoon reading on the little balcony at the top of the church stairs, getting a bit of a farmer's tan. It's not exactly inactive, because I'm working and therefore have income, but it's certainly not active, and at this point it's perfect for me. I'm reading The Fortress of Solitude right now, and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it: it has its moments for sure, but I don't know that it's exactly coherent as a whole. The first chapter of the third part was pretty bad, but we'll see. There are still a lot of pages left. Has anyone read it? Does anyone have opinions on it?

I went last night to Finn and Annie's and sat in their backyard, trying to light the barbecue, dousing the briquettes in lighter fluid to very little avail, and it was pretty much the most stressed I've felt in the past few weeks, which I think says something about my relative stress-vs-comfort level of late. Our struggle was rewarded with veggie kabobs. Annie found a potential apartment in Boston, and she and Finn are making a trip this weekend to look at prospective places to live. I think I'll try to keep up this current low-stress, peaceful existence.

P.S. I keep saying I'm going to post stories and I will, next time I can steal some Internet. For now, I guess I'm signing off like I'm on pirate radio. "Tune in next week for the continued adventures of the Post-College Slacker."

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