Monday, October 1, 2007

Stephen King Should Get Some Respect

Well, let's try this again, shall we?
For my first post in quite some time, here's something directly related to writing. Disclaimer: I don't think Stephen King is a hack, not now anyway. Maybe in the 80s when he was doing mountains of coke (I have to imagine him face-down in the pile like in "Scarface," but with some stuck to his glasses in a really, well, endearing kind of way) and having interns more or less write his books, but now since shortly before the being-hit-by-a-van incident and especially after, he's turned into an interesting middle-aged writer with a lot of insight. I think he's an interesting pick for editor of this year's "Best American Short Stories," and it'll probably cause some trash-talking from people who think of him only as a genre writer, but regardless, read his article.

Thanks to Tayari Jones for this link.

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