Monday, October 13, 2008

He Turned Me Into a Newt

I'm not digging all of this insanity coming from the McCain rallies. It worries me, because Obama is ahead, that the days following the election will be a mess of these lunatics trying in the most violent, unbalanced ways to show their dissatisfaction. Why aren't these outbursts being treated more like the (sorry to use a word Sarah Palin likes to throw around) terrorist threats they are?

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jarebear said...

he's only ahead enough to put him in an even tie with mccain after taking into account "the bradley effect" -- which basically in short means that people are only racist in private voting booths, but not to pollsters. It's pretty well documented, and happens with gay candidates too, but then it's about gaycism, not racism-- typically around 6%. But those good ol' boys as Terrorists? oooh come on! those guys aren't wearing TURBANS! Gosh darn gee golly, John! WHY DON'T YOU LOVE AMERICA and RESPECT the veterans? 9-11.

sorry, i got carried away with my republicanese.