Saturday, November 8, 2008

Post-Election Thoughts

I stayed up late on Tuesday, watching the election returns. I have never experienced watching the results of an election and feeling happy at the same time, so it was a confusing and entirely welcome thing for me. It was--it is--so exciting. Is anyone else feeling like it hasn't quite sunk in yet? I woke up on Wednesday and realized, I think more than I did on Tuesday night, that history had been made the night before. Obama's speech was just beautiful and seemed like a call for every person watching to aspire to greatness. I think after eight years of Bush using words like blunt objects, it is so refreshing to see a leader who is a brilliant orator and is able to use language to inspire and reach people.
I drove around Wednesday trying to find a copy of the New York Times, and ended up just having to order a copy off of the NYT website. No one carries it around here. I kept thinking of that line in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" when Clooney can't get any Dapper Dan: "Well, it didn't look like a one-horse town, but try finding a decent hair jelly."
In other news: I got a freelance writing assignment from a local publication!

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Vicky said...

Awesome! What's the publication? What're you writing about? When can we read it?