Sunday, November 9, 2008

National Council on the Arts

Dear President-Elect Obama,

I don't know if you've heard, but President Bush just appointed Lee Greenwood to the National Council on the Arts. Yes, that Lee Greenwood. Of "God Bless the USA" fame. You know, that song that's so overwrought and vapid that it makes patriotism into an empty, lame sentiment? He's now a member of the board that oversees federal funding for the arts. So I'm asking you, on behalf of every artist, writer, filmmaker, ceramist, and basket-weaver in the nation: please appoint someone with some artistic integrity to head the council in January. Please.
It doesn't have to be someone I personally like. But it should be someone who we can respect. Someone who didn't spend the past few months singing to Sarah Palin. Someone whose contribution to American arts is not that song. How about Bruce Springsteen? He was an early and vocal supporter. What about...I don't know. There's a very long list of people I would rather see funding American art than this guy.



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